Thursday, October 28
9:00 AM CT to 2:00 PM

OK, annual business planning might sound boring but
Annual Business Planning done right with expert training from Entrepreneur, Cleaning Business Owner and CBF Coach Derek Christian 
will ROCK your business!

Covering 4 Major 'ROCK YOUR BUSINESS' Topics

#1 We will teach you how to determine how big the house cleaning market is in your service area and what your current share of the market is.

#2 We will share our proprietary What If spreadsheet that let's you run 3 side by side scenarios of what would happen over three years if 5 key numbers changed in your business. 
#3 We are going to show you how to use the What If spreadsheet to make both base and stretch goals for next year and explain why these numbers are SO important for your business.
#4 We are going to take topics 1-2-3 and create a 1-2 page annual business plan for 2022 that includes your numbers and also the things you will need to change to make those numbers happen.

Cleaning Business Owners LOVE Annual Business Planning

 Derek Christian took forecasting in the service industry to a new level for my cleaning business which had a huge impact on Marvelous Maids.

Do you want to know what next year’s sales and profits will be in your business? Do you want to know what changes in your business can really impact growth and profits? Do you know your market share or the market share potential in a neighboring market? Do you know your customer retention rate and its impact on your business? Derek developed an easy to use forecasting tool that answers all these questions. And you can run different scenarios that show the change in your forecast by tweaking things like increasing leads or increasing customer retention, etc. This type of information tells you exactly where to focus your attention to get the biggest bang next year. And you do not need to be an accountant to use it.

And that one page business plan at the end is priceless.

Each year you will find this easy process to be a vital tool to keep your business growing!

This class will absolutely take your business to the next level! 

Kathy Gage, owner $1M residential cleaning business owner

I took Derek's business planning course a few years ago.

 One thing that struck me was how content-rich he made each topic being taught. It wasn't "fluff", the same stuff that you've heard over and over. It was roll up your sleeves, take our your pen and paper, put your thinking cap on, and get to work because you're about to learn a thing or two.

A good five years later, I can still recall things I'd learned in Derek's class. Derek is a natural teacher, truly knows his stuff. I highly recommend his Annual Business Planning workshop! 

Maria Dorian, former residential cleaning business owner, 
founder & owner Task Away Virtual Assistants


  • Know your market potential and market share
  • ​Learn to use the What If forecasting spreadsheet
  • ​Create your annual business plan for 2022
  • ​Leave with an annual business planning template you can use year after year

This is not just a class. This is a workshop and we will work on your annual business plan in class so you can leave with it done and know what you are going to accomplish in 2022!


Debbie Sardone Consulting and CBF Master Coach Derek Christian are donating 100% of the  registration fees for this Annual Business Planning event to Mike Madden's family!

Mike Madden is a long time employee who died suddenly of a heart attack. He had worked for Coach Derek's business for 11 years. Mike leaves behind his wife Valerie who has been a home cleaner for 8 years to raise their two daughters, ages 14 and 8. 100% of the registration fees for this Annual Business Planning workshop will be given Valerie to help with funeral and legal expenses and the sudden loss of Mike's income. 

New Info! New Tools! And Giving Back!

CBF Master Coach Derek Christian

Join us!
Annual Business Planning  
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Thursday, October 28 
9:00 AM CT until 2:00 PM CT