ATTENTION: Cleaning Business Owners, Trainers, and Cleaners!

📅 Mark Your Calendars for October 5th & 6th!

This isn’t just about being a cleaner; it’s about being a smarter, more efficient, and more profitable cleaner.

Unlock the Secrets to Impeccable Cleaning and Sanitizing! 

With Local Michigan Cleaning Business Owner Jeannie Henderson & Certified Cleaning and Sanitizing Expert Bruce Vance

Knowledge You Can Trust!

Two days of power-packed, IICRC-approved training designed exclusively for you, the dedicated House Cleaning Technician with a vision. Learn how to exceed the expectations of today’s savvy homeowners and prepare for the homes of tomorrow. 

This isn't just a course, it’s an encyclopedia of cleaning wisdom. Researched, peer-reviewed, and reflecting the cleaning industry’s best practices - delivered by top-tier instructors from the Institute for Service Excellence (ISE).

💡 More Than Just Training - It’s Validation!

Jeannie Henderson

🌟 Cleaning Business Coach and Michigan Cleaning Business Owner

🌟 The future is bright, and it’s sparkling clean.

Hosted by Cleaning Business Coach and Michigan Cleaning Business Owner Jeannie Henderson with Certified Cleaning and Sanitizing Expert Bruce Vance

Jeannie and her team have grown her values-driven business to over $1M in annual revenue after implementing the systems and strategies of Cleaning Business Fundamentals. Her business was recognized as a “Top 10 Partner” in 2021 with ISSA Charity, Cleaning for a Reason.

Bruce Vance

🌟 Certified Cleaning and Sanitizing Expert

Bruce Vance is an IICRC-approved instructor and a veteran of the residential cleaning industry, and shares his knowledge, expertise, and business skills in a two-day educational opportunity offered by ARCSI.
Turn your cleaning business into a dazzling success! Be a trendsetter. Be the best. Be HCT Certified. This is more than a must-have. It’s your ticket to joining the ranks of the cleaning elite.

📅 October 5th & 6th!

LIVE & IN-PERSON in the vibrant city of Grand Rapids, MI, at the stylish Downtown Courtyard!

This isn’t just any event. 

The House Cleaning Technician Certification is the GOLD STANDARD for professional cleaners seeking to elevate their cleaning business!

 Become a Certified Pro!

Read All About HCT Here!

Certifying as a House Cleaning Technician is a Big Deal!

This course is designed specifically for the H(ouse) C(leaning) T(echnician) who wants to meet the expectations of this more educated marketplace of homeowners.

Those who complete this course and pass the certification examination will be certified professionals who understand the value and methodology of proper cleaning.

The material presented in this course has been researched and peer reviewed; it presents the cleaning industry’s best practices.

HCT Certification classes must be taught by IICRC-approved instructors and through an IICRC-approved school, such as ISE – the Institute for Service Excellence. It is this third party validation through IICRC that makes House Cleaning Technician certification a “must have” for those cleaning companies who want to be viewed as the industry’s leading professionals in the future.

An Important Distinction between Certification versus Training: The HCT Certification validates an individual’s body of knowledge regarding the proper and safe removal of soil (cleaning), sanitizing, and disinfecting. These outcomes can be effectively accomplished through a variety of techniques, cleaning procedures, and solo/team cleaning models.

The certification course makes no recommendations of procedures or products and will not interfere with your existing cleaning procedure or technician model, though it may inform revisions toward greater effectiveness, improved productivity, and even increased revenue.

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