Have you ever been tempted to just WALK AWAY from your residential cleaning business--And Just Be DONE? 

OR.... is what you've built actually worth anything if you wanted to sell it and GO do something else?

Do you feel trapped in a business you no longer LOVE--but you can't bear the thought of giving up after all the blood, sweat, and tears you've put in?

Are you "Three Feet From Gold" or just delaying a slow but sure "death of a dream"?

We know how you feel!  We've both been there, done that!

For the first time ever industry experts Debbie Sardone and Derek Christian come together to help you answer the question of 
whether to:


Let these two experts help you KNOW if you can LOVE your business, grow, and finally succeed at building your DREAM.........OR if your next best move is to just LIST your business for sale and move on!

 Cleaning Business LOVE IT or LIST IT Boot Camp!

Debbie Sardone

Join us for this One-Day Virtual Event 
August 20, 2021 with cleaning business experts Debbie Sardone and Derek Christian

Derek Christian

Is this event for you? It IS If … 

  • You've lost your passion for growing your business and think about walking away empty-handed
  • You still have a passion for growing your business but you are not loving it anymore
  • You feel overwhelmed by your business and don't see a way through the frustration
  • ​You feel like it's time to sell your business and just go do something else
  • ​You are ready to retire and want to learn how to get top dollar for the sale of your "empire"
  • ​You want to prepare your business to bring top dollar when it's time to sell in the future
  • ​You're curious how much a cleaning business can sell for, how to find a buyer, and how long it takes